University rheinmain library. The copying service consists of four interconnected copiers, which may be put to use by any student RheinMain University.

These 4 copiers are situated at three websites.Campus Wiesbaden Kurt-Schumacher-Ring:Building A, close to the student union office to the proper area A 110 Constructing D, in plotter space (EC proper gear, initially door around the perfect)Rüsselsheim campus on Brückweg:Constructing E, close to the student council workplace in Area E 2ndNew registration / registration.Send an e-mail with no text or topic towards the address If you want, you may at this point already been a PDF document to attach, which you could prefer to have it printed. You are likely to receive an answer in no time having a PIN quantity that you simply can log on for the copiers in the future you. Keep in mind it effectively new grad nursing portfolio with you! Login a copier of your choice making use of the PIN number. Here you’ll be able to open jobs listings, verify your balance, and also possibly with vouchers recharge. Your e-mail address is now stored with each other with all the new PIN quantity in our program. Use please print jobs from here ideally continually exactly the same e-mail address, you may have also signed up with. Otherwise you get otherwise only a new PIN and a new account assigned.

registrations are also attainable on the workplace employees of your student council offices in Wiesbaden and Rüsselsheim. Please note opening instances!Recharging credit.As a way to print some thing on the copier or copy, you may need credit. This you can charge office student council with any amount in.Use / functions.There are plenty of characteristics that you simply can use the copy services. Right here, the method often communicates along with your e-mail address that you have made use of for registration.If you want to print something, you need your document first sent for the copier. This you are able to do in two methods:Conveniently by means of e-mail to without the need of subject and text. Just add only the document added as an attachment. The document is conveyed to our system and you’ll get then to a copier of one’s decision log in and print directly without having to separately bring one thing. Please use this precisely the same e-mail address with which you also have to register oneself, otherwise you get a new PIN as well as a new account supplied. A USB stick. Every single copier has, by way of which you may print documents and a USB port. Login to a copier of your option, insert the USB stick 1, accomplished.

Note: Our printers can print PDF documents ONLY. Word files of yet another file kind, photos or documents are certainly not admitted.You can also reproduce by you place a copy of documents. When copying you place a document within the input tray and choose „Copy“, plus the preferred number. Bear in mind that copying, just like printing, credit costs, as is consumed in copying ink and paper.Should you have a document at hand, which you’d prefer to like to digitize, you may also scan the document for the copier. Put this document in the input tray, and pick „Scan“. You are able to use the document soon after either a single brought USB stick, and even send it to yourself via e-mail! This works automatically as you address e-mail are registered in the system with yours.By far the most frequent errors.1. The printer displays no open jobs.Ensure that you wish to print a document that may be stored in PDF format. All other types of printers can not use. Have you sent the print job in the identical e-mail, you might have also signed up with? When you’ve got one more e-mail implemented the document to send, then extracting a new account is developed for this print job because the e-mail address the method will not be identified. Then any time you sign in with your usual PIN are going to be logically to be discovered no job there.2. The printer prints strange error messages.Standing around the message of „ERROR: Mac“, the PDF document was probably created on an Apple laptop. Apple uses internally slightly older PDF conventions that our method however can not manage. To resolve this situation, save your document instead of a Windows Pc within the PDF format (which you could do one example is within the library), or use a PDF converter on the internet. In the event the message „ERROR: pdfconv“, then your PDF document was merely also wonderful. Decrease the file size or attempt to save documents single incredibly substantial document into smaller ones.three. My situation is just not listed right here.We routinely operate just this around the systems and improvements. Nonetheless, it may even be a thing that not even notice us. If you ever discover an error or have a challenge which is not listed here, please notify the student council workplace. Right here your challenge is passed on and promptly worked out a remedy as possible. Otherwise you can leave you there around the spot guidance and options.